Emu Park Embrace Outdoor Adventures with These Ten Tips

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Emu Park is the perfect location for outdoor adventures with activities to suit all ages.

Whether you are looking for an activity with your family, want a unique date night idea, or want to try something new on your own, Emu Park has plenty of options.

This great little town offers everything from classic adventure activities like tree-top challenges and kayaking through caves, to romantic sunset cruises on the lagoon.

There are also plenty of hidden gems that only locals will know about! We recommend getting involved in as many activities as possible during your stay – you won’t be disappointed. Here are our top 10 things to do:

  • Take a Sunset Cruise on the Lagoon – When else can you surround yourself with flamingos, pelicans, and turtles? A sunset cruise on the lagoon is a great way to start your night off or stop by the ferry after dinner for a special treat.
  • Tree Top Adventure at Adventure HQ – This is definitely one of the most fun things to do in camping in Emu Park. Ropes courses are becoming more popular these days but they are nothing compared to this course at Adventure HQ. With 12 platforms above ground level, you have challenges ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty levels that are sure to test your skills.

camping in Emu Park

  • Visit Great Keppel Island – If you’re looking for remote island experiences without all the travel time – then Great Keppel Island is just what you need! You can hop on the ferry leaving from Rosslyn Bay Harbour and you’ll be greeted on GKI by beautiful unspoiled beaches, resort bars, and restaurants. We recommend bringing some snorkeling gear so you can check out ‘The Wall’, it’s the most talked-about snorkel spot in Australia.
  • Explore Freshwater Creek – This hidden gem is great for all ages with plenty of picnic spots to stop off at along the way. It’s one of our favorite places to hike into or run through; especially after a big storm as there is no more refreshing place than this creek on a hot day! Just make sure you bring your swimmers – there are plenty of dams where you can cool off.
  • Kayak through Freshwater Cave – The next time you’re looking for something different to do, kayak through Freshwater Cave! Yes, it does exist and yes you can do it too. The ten-minute kayaking tour takes you through the cave system where the water is crystal clear. Just remember not to shine your torches directly at the wildlife as it disturbs them! This easy adventure is great for all ages.
  • Go Glamping at Emu Park Resort – Emu Park Resort is one of the only resorts in Australia that provides glamping. With its own private beach, there are plenty of activities like swimming, fishing, and snorkeling which make this place perfect for an away with family or friends.  It’s located right on the lagoon so it’s also great for a sunset cruise.
  • Kayak to Builyan Waterfall – The next time you go kayaking in Emu Park, bring your swimmers and add an extra stop off at Builyan Waterfall – less than 15 minutes from town! You’ll find that most tours don’t include this beautiful little spot which is often forgotten about. Either keep paddling along Freshwater Creek or jump out of your kayak and cool off in the waterfall pool.