Main Reasons To Live In San Antonio

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San Antonio is a city of uncertainty. It provides an opportunity to live in a way that’s different from other places. You can be sustainable while still being stylish; you can get your art on without putting up with pretentiousness, and some people are just as excited about tacos as you are. The city has also been ranked by Forbes Magazine as the fastest growing urban area in the entire U.S., meaning it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon, and there’s no rush to find out if life will be better elsewhere. This is a good guide on what to take note of before considering about living in San Antonio.


Living in San Antonio is one of those things that doesn’t require a lot of thought. You get here, and you know. Of course, there are some other acceptable cities out there, but this one is particularly remarkable. Here are a few of the many reasons I think San Antonio is a great place to live.


San Antonians love their tacos, and with more than 100 taquerias in town, we have a wide variety of options when we’re looking for our fix. From breakfast tacos to barbacoa to fish and shrimp tacos al pastor to chicharrones to even taco pizza (look it up), there’s something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of tacos, congratulations: San Antonio is a bigot-free zone where we respect all kinds of food.

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San Antonio is an artsy town. We have one of the biggest and best art communities in the U.S., and it’s just a part of life here, especially if you’re living in Loops or Brewery Arts Districts. No two days are alike in these areas, where you can see all kinds of installations, such as skateboard paintings by artists and sculptures by local high school students. There are hundreds of things to see while walking around the city and while you’re at it, be sure to check out some good live music; there’s always something going on somewhere inside a SA bar/restaurant that’s worth your time.


We have the best public art in the country, meaning it’s free and very interactive. This means we don’t always have to be driving around in a car looking for things to look at. Oh, except maybe when you’re going to an event that takes place downtown, you should probably consider getting there by car. There’s a free trolley (not free) that goes up and down Market Square. It’s open from 10 AM-6 PM seven days a week so check it out sometime if you want to get around with minimal fuss.

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